TokenAP CROWDSALE | 2 Stages (Presale + ICO)

PreSale Participation : FINISHED



Working on the ICO preparation. Check back soon!

What's the VALUE of TKP?


ICO price:

5,000   TKP for 1 ETH during ICO week1 (Live value 1ETH = 2ETH!!)

4,000   TKP for 1 ETH during ICO week2 (Live value 1ETH = 1,6 ETH!!)

3,000   TKP for 1 ETH during ICO week3 (Live value 1ETH = 1,2 ETH!!)

Live price:

First listing price once live on Exchanges is 1ETH = 2,500 TKP

(this is where we will launch from! 1TKP =0,0004ETH)



TokenAP will in the Crowdsale issue a maximum of 33% of its company TKP tokens from its reserve;

There is a CAP set for the Crowdsale at TKP 500,000,000 ;

TKP total Token float of TKP 1,500,000,000 is non-inflationary;

TKP tokens have basically no value in fiat currencies. TKP just representing an asset/stake or property in TokenAP.

TKP CAP will initially be tradable as $TKP on (TBA) Cryptocurrency-exchanges.

Crowdsale period: PreSale termin is 21 days; the following ICO termin is also 21 days, or until the 33% CAP is reached;

TKP tokens will be delivered into personal investor wallets within 21 days after ICO.



Receiving and refund addresses cannot be exchange addresses, unless you own the private key.

The minimum Seed investment in the Presale must be equivalent to minimum  "1 ETH"

The minimum investment in the ICO must be equivalent to minimum "$ NA"

Your receiving TKP Ethereum address must be a ERC20 compatible  wallet.

The payment of the TKP tokens is exclusive 0.002 ETH /  return transaction Gas/Wei/Fee

TokenAP will use your submission as seed investment and you get the above agreed TKP after the ICO, in return.

TokenAP will do its utmost best to make this business succeed and grow TKP value for the Company and its Tokenholders.


US Residents and US Citizens nor their representatives are unfortunately NOT allowed to take part in this Crowdsale! ( Why there could be an issue for you.)

The Company cannot force you, nor will advice you what to do or how to act. TokenAP does not know where in the World its investors live. Refund of the sent Ether, Bitcoin or Waves, during the Crowdsale is always to discuss.

TokenAP will never provide any Email- or Crypto wallet- addresses (besides on the blockchain) of any of its customers to third parties.


Important info following after ICO:

TokenAP will negotiate to have $TKP listed on, at least, 4 cryptocurrency exchanges, incl 2 of the largest exchanges!

TokenAP will give back 25% of its yearly Net-Profit to its Tokenholders; via TKP Tokenbuyback Program on several Cryptocurrency Exchanges. This will extra increase the value of $TKP for the TokenAP Tokenholders!


You can find more information about TokenAP in our White Paper!

Large investors  > 1,000 ETH or > 100 BTC + please contact investor relations via ir@tokenap.com

Other enquiries, business related, partnerships, or bounty program info;

Join our Telegram or send an email to team@tokenap.com .



Due to a lot of spam reports in several #Slack communities with Slack bots/users we disabled Slack usage until after the Crowdsale !

The only genuine TokenAP Website addresses are: www.TokenAP.com and www.TokenAP.io

We will NEVER ask for changes in, or providing wallet addresses besides in our direct email to you from team@TokenAP.com 

Our email-address we will use to inform you about the Tokensale is : team@tokenap.com


GOOD LUCK WITH THE ICO ! We are preparing it and let you know the exact date soon!